Potawatomi Designs • Traditional & Contemporary

SewNative Traditional Potawatomi Garments Made-to-Order!

SewNative specializes in creating one-of-a-kind traditional Potawatomi garments for men, women and children. We also offer contemporary clothing and accessories featuring Potawatomi applique motifs.

Our garments are custom-made to your measurements. Here on our website you can view photos of garments and other items specially created for our customers.


Do You Own a SewNative Garment?

We're working on putting together a photo gallery of our customers pictured wearing their traditional Potawatomi garments made by SewNative.

If you've purchased garments from SewNative and would like to be included in our gallery, please send us photos of yourself dressed in your traditional costume. Drop us an email telling a little about yourself, and the Pow-Wows and other functions where you've worn your SewNative clothing.

If you've won or placed in competition wearing a garment made by SewNative, please be sure and include the details of your award(s) in your email.

We'd also love to have photos and stories from those of you who've purchased our contemporary clothing and other contemporary items appliqued with traditional Potawatomi designs!